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Are you tired of renting and serious about owning your own home? Would you like to have a place your family can call Home? A Lease to purchase home might be perfect for you. Lease To purchase, also commonly known as Rent To Own, Lease option to purchase or LeasePurchase is an agreement between a seller and a potential buyer to rent a home to the Buyer with an Option To Purchase the home at a pre-agreed upon price and time.


Are there any requirements to do a Lease Purchase?

With purchasing being the main goal, qualifying would be the only requirement. Here are a few scenarios that might cause ineligibility.

  1. Bankruptcies & foreclosures (most banks require a 2-3 year waiting period after)

  2. Tax liens or judgments (most banks require a payment plan be in place or paid fully prior to)

  3. Student loans are in repayment (delinquent student loans may be required to be current)

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Sounds great!

What are the next steps?

  1. Find out how much home you can budget for - Speak to Supreme Lending to see how much home you are eligible for.  Debt to income will determine how much you can purchase for. This process can be done within 24 hours in most cases, some same day!

  2. Negotiate terms - establish payments & terms to secure your new home!

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A Rent to Own home is perfect for an aspiring home owner who needs some time to address any personal issues, such as saving for down payment, or transitioning jobs. Potential buyers have an opportunity to fix credit issues which may benefit them in the long term by enabling them to secure a lower interest rate or qualify for down payment assistance programs with a 620 score.


~ Gives you time to address any credit issues

~ Low move in cost as compared to buying

~ Gives you time to build a larger down payment

~ Allows you to "try before you buy" the house & the neighborhood

~ Lock-in the home’s purchase price in advance and save

~ Move into a home sooner (without paying full price)

~ Less qualifying restrictions

~ Requires less out of pocket than a  traditional lease

~ Part of your monthly payments can go towards down payment or closing costs when purchasing

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